elcome to
. I
invite you to enjoy
the blessing of a new
tool to communicate with
you as we partner together in
carrying forward the mission
of Appalachian Bible College.
is the Greek word for
concept of abandoned service to the Lord
is not new to ABC. After all, our motto for
over thirty years has been “Because Life is
for Service.” It is that passion which has led
us to introduce
communicating our
mission to equip an ongoing supply of Biblical
Slave Leaders, based upon Jesus’ instruction
in Matthew 20:25-27. In this dialogue with
His disciples, Jesus clearly declares that the
qualifying mark of a Biblical leader is to be a
—a slave.
I pray that you will be blessed and challenged
as you periodically receive
. Be a slave
for Jesus!
Another exciting initiative from ABC is the
introduction of our “20/20 Vision.” This
strategic plan identifies eight goals we are
asking God to help us achieve by the year 2020.
Each contributes to our mission of preparing
servants for the church.
Our first goal is to “grow a President’s Prayer
Partner ministry with 700 partners interceding
in daily prayer.” Without divine enablement,
our plans are in vain! We must have God’s
Daniel L. Anderson, Th.D.
Psalm 84:11, 12
Join the President's Prayer Partners
guidance and blessing. This goal is advanced
through the distribution of a weekly email
contact which includes a short prayer message
followed by prayer requests pertinent to
that specific week. Persons who prefer print
receive a monthly prayer list by mail. We have
seen tremendous answers to prayer since we
initiated this opportunity! Already we have
over 450 partners.
I am so grateful for the privilege to include
you in this first issue of
. These are
wonderful days to be slaves of the best Master
in the world—Jesus Christ. As you explore the
testimonies of prayer in this issue of
, I
trust that your burden to pray will be increased.
Let us join our hearts and our hands as we
invade the darkness of this world with the light
of the Gospel …Because Life is for Service.
His Slave,
– from the –