Master of Arts in Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry program at Appalachian Bible College is a 36-hour professional curriculum developed for individuals actively involved in ministry, such as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Christian educators and leaders. This program provides graduate-level training for students whose undergraduate work has a minimum of 30 hours of Bible and Theology.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

This program is designed to be professional, affordable, flexible and Biblical. The content of the courses emphasizes the practical skills of communication, counseling, and leadership necessary for effective ministry.

  • The program can be tailored to fit your personal ministry goals and interest
  • It is based on a flexible schedule of modular classes
  • It involves both on-campus and Internet-based instruction
  • It is taught by professors who specialize in their fields and bring years of practical ministry experience
  • It encourages interaction with other students who offer ministry experiences to learn from
  • Courses are accepted by other seminaries toward an M.Div.

Our Faculty

The Graduate School faculty are qualified instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in ministry. You will be encouraged and challenged as you sit under these example servants.

Some of the M.A. instructors include:

  • Dr. John Rinehart
    Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Daniel Anderson
    President of Appalachian Bible College
  • Dr. Daniel Davey
    President of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Mark Johnson
    Senior Pastor of Independent Bible Church - Martinsburg, WV
  • Dr. James Newcomer
    Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church - Ypsilanti, MI;
    Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jonathan Rinker
    Chair of Bible & Theology, Appalachian Bible College

Why M.A. in Ministry?


The Master of Arts in Ministry prepares you for practical areas of ministry, such as local church ministry, evangelism, church planting, Christian education, and Christian leadership. It equips you with skills in leadership, communication, and counseling. As well, the program gives you assessment tools to relate to your particular ministry context.

Course Format

Courses are designed in two ways:

  • Modular. There are three parts to this format:
    1. Pre-Module Assignments: reading, online discussions, etc., which begin approximately one month before the on-campus module.
    2. On-Campus Module: Classroom teaching and interaction from Monday at 1:00 PM to Friday at noon.
    3. Post-Module Project: A project applying the course content to your life and ministry, which is due approximately one month after the on-campus module.
  • Online Format: There are some online courses available with no on-campus meeting required. There are plans to develop other online courses in the future.


Philosophy of Ministry: To present the theory and practical instruction related to the conducting of church ministries from a conservative, fundamentalist Christian perspective.
Biblical Knowledge: To demonstrate proficiency of knowledge in all areas of Bible theology and in all Bible content from a pretribulational, dispensational, premillennial viewpoint.
Spiritual Growth: To instill godly, Christlike character in the candidate by the mentoring process resulting in fruitful, spiritual service.
Professional Proficiency: To develop the practical skills of servant-leadership appropriate to the various avenues of Christian service, reinforcing the commitment to edify and equip servants for the church.
Evangelistic Outreach: To provide opportunity to expand one's horizons in the areas of missions and evangelism/discipleship while increasing a commitment to the historic, fundamentalist position of biblical separation.

M.A. in Ministry Courses

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