You are invited to walk on campus, meet your future mentors, and experience life at ABC for a day. Whether you participate in a Preview event or visit on your own—come, see for yourself the opportunities that await you at Appalachian Bible College!

High school juniors, seniors, and graduates who come for an official preview can receive a $750 scholarship!

In-person previews are still available while ABC seeks to maintain a healthy campus. To accomplish this, all preview guests, including prospective students, will be hosted in our Admissions Apartment or Alpine Lodge. Prospective students are still be able to tour the residence halls.

Can't make the trip? Virtual previews are a way to see the campus and interact with friendly admissions staff without leaving home. Schedule a virtual preview just like you would a custom visit. The $750 Campus Visit Scholarship will be available for both virtual and in-person previews.

Plan Your Visit

What to Expect 

A visit will give you a chance to:

  • Experience chapel
  • Attend a few classes
  • Learn about possible scholarships
  • Tour the campus
  • Have lunch with a professor
  • Meet with an athletic coach
  • Relax in the ABC Coffee Shop
  • Play games in the Alumni Lounge


  • Each guest receives 3 meals in ABC’s professionally-catered Hanmer Dining Hall.
  • Additional meals may be purchased at the door.
  • Outside regular meal hours, the ABC Coffee Shop provides beverages and snacks.


  • One free night of lodging.
  • Prospective students and their parents/sponsors will stay overnight in the Pinter Apartment or Alpine Lodge. Bedding is provided.


  • Men wear dress pants, collared shirts, and dress shoes to classes and chapel.
  • Ladies wear dress pants or knee-length skirts, blouses, and dress shoes or sandals to classes and chapel.
  • In the evening and off campus, feel free to dress casually.